Phase III Campaign Update

Summer is here, and our cooperative community is buzzing with energy and activity, reflecting the vibrancy of the local growing season that is in full swing. It has been 14 months since we initiated our Owner Investment Campaign, a campaign aimed at facilitating our ambitious relocation plan. Since then, our dedicated staff, proactive board, and committed volunteers have worked around the clock, passionately engaging co-op owners through personal calls and spreading the word far and wide about our relocation.


After over a year of relentless efforts, we’ve come to the conclusion of our final fundraising Phase III in late May. We’re certainly proud of the milestones we’ve achieved, yet we recognize that our work doesn’t stop here. 


Our celebratory Groundbreaking Ceremony is set to take place on Wednesday, June 14th at 10 AM at our new location (330 S. 21st Street). This event marks a significant step forward in our collective journey. We warmly invite you to join us in celebrating this special day along with our staff, the Board of Directors, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, and our fellow Co-op Owners. Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird will also be joining us and providing remarks on this important day. Please note that the co-op will be closed from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM on this day so that everyone can partake in the joyous festivities.


We’re absolutely thrilled and sincerely grateful to announce that we successfully raised $312,345 during Phase III. In addition to this, we have also received an additional $103k in pledges that we’re optimistic about finalizing soon. We achieved an impressive 100% success rate with our investment matches – 20 for 20 – with our final $50k Investment Match concluding triumphantly. This marked a grand conclusion to Phase III, and we couldn’t be more excited about the results.


Here’s a quick glance at some of the key campaign statistics:

    • 4016+ calls were made made by staff, volunteers, and the OH board to co-op owners
    • 400+ investment packets were requested and sent out
    • $316,345 in completed investments + donations for Phase III
    • $125,456+ in pre-commitments + pledges for Phase III
    • Total in the Bank = $1,548,812
      • Investments + Donations: $1,105,812
      • Cash: $393,000


As we move forward into the Construction Phase next week, we recognize that our fundraising journey is still ongoing. We are committed to reaching and potentially surpassing our ultimate $2M goal, and to that end, we will continue to welcome new contributions and work diligently towards finalizing outstanding pledges. 


Our co-op’s success over the years has been a testament to our diverse community’s shared vision, unity, and commitment to utilizing their unique talents to the fullest. The success of our relocation is no different, hinging on the continued collective effort of our members. Please help us in continuing to spread the word about our exciting relocation plans, and consider supporting us further by purchasing additional shares or making tax-deductible donations through the Lincoln Community Foundation. 


For investment inquiries, packets can be requested at or by emailing 


For making donations, please visit the Lincoln Community Foundation portal at


Stay tuned for a comprehensive construction update later in June, and we’re eagerly looking forward to seeing you at the Groundbreaking Ceremony!


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